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Junetree 20x4mm Oval shape Hollow Hole Punch Cutte Leather Belt Watch Band Gasket Tool

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Punch Use Notice
How to use: Pad on the platform and hit with a hammer. Rubber hammer wood hammer steel hammer all can (recommended use steel hammer),size 0.5-25mm recommended with 300g heavy steel hammer.size 26-35mm recommended with 500g heavy steel hammer, more than 35mm recommended use 1000g heavy hammer or heavier.
We have only tried in the leather products, we used to make leather products perforation, such as cardboard, metal, rubber, plastic film and so on materials, did not test, so can not be sure to whether it is suit for, please determine the purchase,The use of tools or handicrafts need patience, if hit once can not wear, you can knock more times,pls do not judgment the product is not good, the manufacturer in order to protect the knife edge durability, did not make it particularly thin, not enough sharp,if you need more sharp you can use a grindstone grinding a few times.
Not stainless steel so it may be a little rust, does not affect the use, if you do not like it pls do not purchase.
For novice users, we recommend that after receiving the punch, do not rush to knock on the product, first lay other things (such as: waste leather, paper) practice, familiar with the use of tools, so that you can knock out the perfect hole.

Product Information

  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 4 X 20mm (0.15" X 0.875")
  • Hollow punches make clean shape in gaskets, leather, plastic, rubber, vinyl, and other soft materials.